About me

Hello dear chess friends!  

I am IM Ratkovic Milovan, from Serbia.

I was born in 1994. I have learnt to play chess in 2003. when I was 9 years old. My dad is CM (Candidat master) and he was teaching me for the first few years. I have two brothers, so all of us have started to play and learn chess at the same time, which is good, because, we were competing and we were progressing  together.  In that time all three of us were very successful on many cadet championships of Vojvodina and Serbia. When I become a better player than my dad, I started to work on chess on my own. I was learning chess strategy and games from old grandmasters from books. I analysed my games with computer assistance.After several years, I achieved one of my biggest successes. I won Serbian Junior Championship in 2012. After that, I played World Junior Championship and many other great tournaments, like Serbian Championship ( two times), so I become International Master in 2017.

In 2018 I finished my education. I graduated on University in Belgrade, faculty of law. It is very important to me, because, this is one of the most difficult faculties in the country. Average studying on this faculty is 7, 8 years! I graduated for 4 and a half years, so I think that is a success.I want to become a lawyer one day. I need practical experience for that, so I have to work jobs like a jurist first, and after two years to pass the exam for lawyers. After graduation, I started to work on chess more seriously. My personal goal is to become a grandmaster. I work on chess by my on, and I think that I will achieve this soon.

I have two younger brothers. Miloje (22) is fide master and his fide classical rating is in this moment 2416. The youngest brother, Petar (20) is also a good player. His rating is 1919 now. He does not play tournaments, maybe 1 per year. I think that his chess strength is more than  this rating shows. All three of us have started to play chess at the same time. They are younger than me, so I have to admit that I helped them a lot about their chess progression. Especially on things like openings and game preparations.

I have been working with students from July 2016., so now it is almost 3 years doing this. Maybe, one of my biggest coach successes is my younger brother Miloje, who is now 2416 fide. I have worked with many people, from all over the world. I teach chess players, from beginners to strong fide masters. It is important to have will and to work hard and everything can happen. Many students ask me: ,, How long it takes to become international master”, or ,, How long it takes to become Grandmaster”? I can not give you answer on this question. That depends from you! If you work hard on chess, if you play enough tournaments and if you enjoy in doing this, you can become IM or GM. The only question is when.